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Crossing Guards


Lewis & Clark Crossing Guards
4th & 5th Graders    

At the end of their 3rd or 4th grade year, students may apply to be a Crossing Guard member. Upon the recommendation of their teacher and parent approval, students are selected to attend an August training. Once assigned to a team, the students work mornings and afternoons for a full week. Currently, there are three teams that work on a rotating schedule throughout the year. Team 1 worked the first week of school, Team 2 worked the second week, Team 3 worked the third week and then we go back to Team 1.  Team members work at different crosswalks so we can "cross train" them at different locations in case we need to shift members around on a given day. 
We have three crosswalks that we supervise; the Red Apple crossing, the 9th street (in front of the office) and the trail (down behind the school).  
If you see a crossing guard member out there, please give them a great big "thank you" as they work out there all year long without pay!  
If you or your child would like to be on crossing guard, please contact the school office.